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January 2022

Help Arrange the Meeting
1-25-22 (Conversion of St Paul).MP3
MP3 File [3.2 MB]
God Chooses the Insignificant
1-18-22 (2 Tues II).MP3
MP3 File [2.4 MB]
Espoused to the Divine
1-17-22 (2 Mon II).MP3
MP3 File [3.1 MB]
Three Perspectives on the Paralytic
1-14-22 (1 Fri II).MP3
MP3 File [2.8 MB]
The Training of a Prophet
1-12-22 (1 Wed II).MP3
MP3 File [3.5 MB]
Why Does God Hide?
1-02-22 (Epiphany).MP3
MP3 File [5.4 MB]
Hope and Anxiety
12-31-21 (Mary Mother of God).MP3
MP3 File [3.3 MB]
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