RCIA Talks

Existence of God (Oct 15)
Existence of God (Oct 15).MP3
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Scripture and Tradition (Oct 22)
Scripture and Tradition (Oct 22).MP3
MP3 File [18.0 MB]
The Church Part I (Oct 29)
The Church Part I (Oct 29).MP3
MP3 File [15.1 MB]
The Church Part II (Nov 5)
The Church Part II (Nov 5).MP3
MP3 File [15.0 MB]
Jesus Christ (Nov 12)
Jesus Christ (Nov 12).MP3
MP3 File [16.0 MB]
Sin and Grace (Nov 19)
6 Sin and Grace (Nov 19).MP3
MP3 File [17.1 MB]
Four Last Things (Nov 26)
7 Four Last Things (Nov 26).MP3
MP3 File [17.4 MB]
Mary and the Saints (Dec 3)
8 Mary and the Saints (Dec 3).MP3
MP3 File [17.2 MB]
Sacraments Baptism and Confirmation (Dec 10)
9 Sacraments Baptism Confirmation (Dec 1[...]
MP3 File [19.1 MB]
Penance and Anointing of the Sick (Dec 17)
10 Penance and Anointing of the Sick (De[...]
MP3 File [18.7 MB]
Marriage and Holy Orders (Jan 7)
11 Marriage and Holy Orders (Jan 7).MP3
MP3 File [17.0 MB]
Eucharist (Jan 14)
12 Eucharist (Jan 14).MP3
MP3 File [16.0 MB]
The Mass (Jan 21)
13 Mass (Jan 21).MP3
MP3 File [17.3 MB]
Prayer (Jan 28)
14 Prayer (Jan 28).MP3
MP3 File [16.3 MB]
Devotions and Sacramentals (Feb 4)
15 Devotions and Sacramentals (Feb 4).MP[...]
MP3 File [13.4 MB]
Introduction to Morality
Intro to Morality (Dec 19).MP3
MP3 File [17.2 MB]
Gospels and Paul
11-22-16 (Gospels and Paul).MP3
MP3 File [17.5 MB]
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